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The Department of Paediatrics was established in 1956, one year after the foundation of the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Medicine. The first student exam in the field of paediatrics took place in the same year. The first head of the Department and the Clinic was Professor Karlo Pansini, MD, PhD (1956-1965). He was followed by Professor Miro Juretić, MD, PhD (1965-1981), Professor Mladen Križ, MD, PhD (1981-1999), and Professor Vladimir Ahel, MD, PhD, at present.

Educational work

The Department of Paediatrics organises various educational activities and studies. Undergraduate paediatrics courses are performed for the Study of Medicine, the Study of Stomatology, the Study of Nursing, and the Study of Physiotherapy. Postgraduate study courses are offered for the Study of Developmental Age Medicine (for paediatrics registrars) and for the Study of Nervous System and Sense Organs Pathophysiology. Members of the Department are also engaged in postgraduate courses at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine and the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Education. The Clinic is also home to the expert Commission for specialist exams, which was appointed by the Croatian Ministry of Health and Social Care (the first specialist exam was performed in 1974; a total of 76 until present day).

Scientific work

Since the foundation of the Department, its members have published several hundreds of papers. The Department has taken active part in various national and international conferences, some of which were held in Rijeka (e.g. the 4th Meeting of Croatian Paediatricians in 1969, the 2nd Congress of the Association for Neurology and Developmental Age Psychiatry SLDJ in 1983, the 1st Congress of the Croatian Paediatrics Association in 1993, or the 1st Croatian Symposium on Epilepsy with international participation in 1994).
Scientific research is reflected in MA and Ph.D. dissertations, as well as in national and international projects. Since the foundation of the Department until today, 30 MSc theses and 25 PhD dissertations have been defended.
The Department is also the seat of two national expert-scientific associations within the Croatian Medical Association: the Croatian Association for Children's Neurology (founded in 1981), and the Croatian Association for Paediatric Pulmonology (founded in 1989). In accordance with the decision of the Croatian Ministry of Health and Social Care, the Department/Clinic for Paediatrics includes two national reference centres:
- Reference Centre for Paediatric Pulmonology (head: Vladimir Ahel MD, PhD, Full Professor)
- Reference centre for Epileptics and Convulsive Diseases of the Developmental Age (Head: Ela Paučić-Kirinčić, MD, PhD, Full Professor)
The Department continues a good collaboration with several clinics and departments in Croatia and abroad (Trieste, Massa-Cararra, Graz, Rostock, London, Budapest, Ljubljana, Maribor, Mostar).
Thirteen projects, which have either been completed or are still in progress, were conducted by the members of our Department.

The following onging research projects were approved by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports:
1. "Study of children's atopic diseases", grant No. 0062009 (project supervisor: Vladimir Ahel, MD, PhD, Full Professor)
2. "Life quality of children suffering from atopic diseases", grant No. 0062008 (project supervisor: Vojko Rožmanić, MD, PhD, Full Professor,)
3. "Epidemiology of the epilepsy in the developmental age", grant No. 0062027 (project supervisor: Ela Paučić-Kirinčić, MD, PhD, Full Professor)
4. "Epilepsy and learning disturbances" grant No.062027 (project supervisor: Igor Prpić, MD, PhD, Associate Professor)
5. "Evaluation of the directives for the application of antimicrobial drugs in the KBC Rijeka" grant No. 006209 (project supervisor: Vera Vlahović-Palčevski, MD, PhD, Full Professor)

Future prospects

We shall continue our endeavours to improve educational programmes in compliance with the best international standards. This has to a great extent already been done for the six-year study of medicine. We shall strive to apply modern teaching methods (problem-oriented and elective courses, integrated courses etc.) and make a better use of modern teaching aids.
We shall also continue to permanently educate our younger staff through our existing contacts with corresponding institutions in Croatia and abroad (Trieste, Udine, Massa, Padova, Graz, Budapest, and London in Europe; Cincinnati, Houston, and New York in the USA).

Faculty and staff

Vladimir Ahel, MD, PhD, Full Professor

Mladen Peršić, MD, PhD, Full Professor

Vojko Rožmanić, MD, PhD, Full Professor

Antun Sasso, MD, PhD, Associated Professor

Jelena Roganović, MD, PhD, Associated Professor

Igor Prpić, MD, PhD, Associated Professor

Mirna Šubat-Dežulović, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor

Srđan Banac, MD, PhD, Associated Pofessor

Ivan Zubović, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor

Irena Barbarić, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor

Sandro Dessardo, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor

Srećko Severinski, MD, MSc, Assistant

Neven Čače, MD, MSc, Assistant

Koraljka Manestar, MD, Researcher, Assistant

Sanja Flajšman-Raspor, MD, MSc, Assistant

Goran Palčevski, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor

Ana Milardović, MD, Researcher, Assistant

Kristina Lah-Tomulić, MD, MSc, Assistant



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